65 and over

OPUS photo ID Senior cards are available at any RTC information center or service counters.

Be sure to have the following with you so we can issue your card:

  • Photo ID
  • ID indicating your date of birth
  • $15 ($6 to create the card and $9 to issue the privilege)
  • Download, print and fill up the form

Reminder on using an OPUS photo ID card

  • You must present your OPUS photo ID card to the driver every time you board the bus.
  • A pass obtained at the Senior rate on an OPUS card is non-transferable. An OPUS photo ID card on which a reduced rate pass has been loaded cannot be used by anyone but the card owner.
  • As a precaution in the event your OPUS card is damaged, always carry enough money with you to pay your fare.

OPUS Senior cards are valid for 7 years.