The fares in effect for STAC services are the same as for regular RTC public transit service.

See the fare schedule

    Prepaid Pass

    This non-transferable purchasing service, valid only with STAC, lets you travel on paratransit without showing a ticket to the driver because they can see in your file that you have prepaid for your trip.

    Transit Passes Available for Prepay

    • Monthly pass (all categories: Senior, 18 and under, Student +, and General)
    • Five consecutive days (valid on the day it is activated and the following four days)
    • Unlimited weekend
    • FestiBUS

    Since the pass is paid for in advance, you don’t have to go to a point of sale every month. You can simply subscribe for as many months as you wish.

    Important: Cheques must be received by STAC at least 5 business days before the start of the desired month of registration.

    Where to buy a Transit Pass

    Monthly OPUS card passes and STAC paper tickets (single tickets or booklets of ten) are available at nearly 165 points of sale. See the Points of sale page for accessible locations.

    How to sign up

    1. Prepare a cheque dated for the first day of the month for which you want to register and indicate the amount of the monthly pass based on the fares in effect.
    2. Enter the amount of the desired fare according to the current rate.
    3. Make the cheque payable to STAC.
    4. On the back of the cheque, write your name, user number, complete address, and the month for which you want to register.
    5. Send your cheque by mail to: STAC/monthly pass 2750, boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel Québec City, Québec, G1P 2J1
    6. A receipt will be sent with each registration for tax purposes. Be sure to keep these receipts.

    Important: One cheque per user. STAC will not accept cheques covering payments for multiple users.

    Specific information for Students

    18 and under category

    • You do not need to provide proof of enrollment.

    Student + category (19 and over)

    • You must provide proof of school enrollment at the start of every academic year (no later than September 30 of every year).

    If you have any questions about this new purchase option, contact the STAC call center at 418-687-2641, option 0.

    STAC tickets

    STAC customers have their own paper tickets (one-way fares) for the use of STAC services.

    • These tickets are exclusive to STAC. They are valid only for STAC services.
    • These tickets are not accepted on RTC vehicles.
    • Exact change is always accepted on all vehicles.

    Where to buy STAC tickets

      1-Day and 10-Trip Passes

      The 1-day pass and 10-trip off-peak paper tickets are available for order.

      • To order these tickets, call 418-687-2641 and select option 3.
      • Order your tickets at least five days in advance.
      • Allow 15 business days for delivery by mail.

      The 10-trip off-peak booklet is available for customers age 65 and over only.

      You must show your OPUS card with photo to the driver when using 10-trip off-peak tickets.

        Group pass

        • Valid for a maximum of 10 children age 6 to 11 and 1 accompanying adult.
        • Can be ordered by telephone from STAC (see “Details on ordering passes” below).
        • Accepted on STAC vehicles only.

        Proof of paratransit eligibility

        For safety reasons, STAC customers must present their STAC eligibility cards or proof of identity when using STAC services.

        In addition, paratransit eligibility automatically gives you the opportunity to be accompanied free of charge on the RTC’s regular public transit system. To take advantage of this, present your STAC eligibility card to the driver when you board the bus

        Purchasing Tickets by Phone

        • Call 418-687-2641 and select option 3.
        • Order your tickets at least five days in advance.

        Allow 15 business days for delivery by mail.

        Details on ordering passes

        • Call the STAC reservation center at 418-687-2641, option 0.
        • Delivered by mail.
        • Allow 15 business days for delivery.
        • The following methods of payments are accepted: credit card, cheque, debit card (on site only), and exact change (on site only).

        Reserve your trip

        • Online (French only)
        • Telephone: 418 687-2641, option 0
        • Fax: 418 687-6320