The 405, 410, 430, and 450 shuttles for selected big events

For all the matches of the Remparts, and the events that take place the weekend and in the evening the week.

A departure will arrive 45 minutes before the shows and 30 minutes before the Remparts games. See the list below for specific departure times for shuttles.

Shuttles back to parking area depart from the stop where they arrived approximately 20 minutes after event end.

The 801 and 802 Métrobus to get there anytime

Métrobus 801

  • High-frequency route between Charlesbourg (de la Faune terminal) and Pointe-de-Sainte-Foy via the city centre.

  • Much of the route on reserved lanes.

  • Accessible to wheelchair users.

Nearest accessible stop:

  • 1re Avenue at 18e Rue (stops #1213 and #1243, about 10-12 minutes’ walk from Centre Vidéotron).

Métrobus 802

  • High-frequency route between the Beauport terminal and Belvédère station.

  • Accessible to wheelchair users.

Nearest accessible stop:

  • Wilfrid-Hamel at De Meulles (stops #1725 and #1753, in front of Centre de foires).

Privilège famille en vigueur à l'année!
Bus gratuit pour les enfants de 12 ans et moins qui vous accompagnent!

  • Max de 3 enfants par adulte ayant un titre de transport valide.