OPUS photo ID cards are available at an RTC service counter.

Be sure to have to following with you so we can issue your card:

  • ID with photo indicating your date of birth (Health insurance card, passport, driving licence
  • $6
  • The form printed and completed by a parent or a legal guardian

Reminder on using an OPUS photo ID card:

  • You must present your OPUS photo ID card to the driver every time you board the bus.
  • A pass obtained at the age 6 to 11 rate on an OPUS card is non-transferable. An OPUS photo ID card on which a reduced rate pass has been loaded cannot be used by anyone but the card owner.
  • As a precaution in the event your OPUS card is damaged, always carry enough money with you to pay your fare.
  • OPUS age 6 to 11 cards are valid for 7 years.