OPUS card is a rechargeable and reusable smart card on which you can charge all RTC fares, with the exception of the 1-day pass and the unlimited weekend. Occasional card is a non-rechargeable smart card and is valid for short period fares of the General category.


Occasional Card

  • Description

    OPUS Card

    Rechargeable and reusable smart card.

    OPUS card without a photo

    Can be loaded with regular fare tickets and passes (General category only).

    OPUS card with a photo

    Can be loaded with reduced fare tickets.

    OPUS cards can be used on multiple public transit networks in Québec if the appropriate fare is loaded onto the card.

    Occasional Card

    Non-rechargeable smart card.

Problem with your smart card?

What do I do if my card is defective?

You must go to a RTC information center or service counter. If the problem with the card falls under the responsibility of the RTC, you will obtain a new OPUS card for free.

The additional fares you pay will be reimbursed when you present a transfer proving that you paid a fare in cash.

Why do I have to pay my fare if my OPUS card is defective?

In the interest of fairness to everyone. When a card is defective, the scanner will not confirm whether or not it is loaded with a valid pass. Drivers have to make sure that all passengers pay their fare.

How can I protect my OPUS card from wear or damage?

Card holders are sold for $2,50 at RTC information centers and service counters.