What is L’abonne BUS Travailleur?

  • Monthly RTC transit pass program for employees of participating organizations
  • May also be open to immediate family members of eligible employees
  • Minimum 1-year term
  • 10% off on monthly passes
  • Payment through payroll deduction (or other, depending on organization)
  • STM Privilege: After 12 consecutive months of subscription, travel on the STM free. Apply now.

L’abonne BUS is available to organizations with 25 or more potential participants.

Get Commuter L’abonne BUS for your employees and become eligible for Complicité program certification.

Contact us: 418 627-2511.

Pour nous joindre

Camille Desrosiers
418 627-2351, poste 4982

Participating organizations

Check with your organization’s human resources department.

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