To provide users with a variety of information tools, RTC makes information on stops, schedules, and routes (“public information”) available under two standardized formats:

These formats make its possible to process public information, subject to the terms of this user license:

  • RTC authorizes, for personal or commercial purposes, the use, reproduction, redistribution, exploitation, and inclusion of public information in a product, service, or application.
    • Public information may used on the condition that it is not altered or misrepresented in any manner. More specifically, the user must not process the information in a way that misleads a third party regarding the content or the source of the public information. 
    • Processing means grouping, enhancing, or cross-referencing public information to make it interoperable or compatible with other data.
  • The user must indicate the source and date of the last update of the public information. More specifically, at very minimum, the following mention must be made: “Application, product, or service incorporating public information from Réseau de transport de la Capitale, updated on ___________.”
  • Public information is provided in the state in which it is available at RTC.
  • RTC provides no guarantee as to the availability of the public information or to the effect that it is free of irregularities, errors, or bugs. Users assume full responsibility for their use of public information.
    RTC reserves the right, after issuing a notice of correction to the user, to require the removal of any product, service, or application using public information in a manner contrary to this user licence or in a manner that could harm the image or mission of RTC or public transportation in a general.

This license can change over time. RTC undertakes, inasmuch as possible, to announce the changes it intends to make before they come into effect.

By downloading or using public information, users accept the terms of this user license and declare themselves to be satisfied with them.

Have you thought about accessibility?

RTC strives to make its information tools accessible to everyone. When you develop an application, we strongly recommend that you follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). You’ll be making it available to more people!

You may also consult associative groups to get a better understanding of the needs of people with limitations. Regroupement des organismes de personnes handicapées de la région 03 (ROP03) is a good source of information for guidance with the groups in question. Feel free to contact them for advice.

Stay informed

To find out about updates as quickly as possible, we invite you to use the flux of  the Transitland GTFS, where our public information is also posted.