OPUS cards without photo can be loaded with regular fare tickets and passes (General category only). They are rechargeable and reusable.

All RTC points of sale issue OPUS cards without photo for $6. Transit fees are in addition to the $6 card issue fee.

Consult all the details about OPUS cards without photo.

Registering your OPUS card means protecting your card... and your balance!

Lost your OPUS card and want to recover unused fare amounts? Only if your OPUS card without photo has been registered. This simple step could save you from having to buy new tickets if your OPUS card is lost or stolen.

Register your OPUS card without photo online. Complete the printable form (PDF, 84 KB)

Regular OPUS cards (without photos) expire after 4 years!

To check the expiry date of your card and find out how to exchange it, go to CarteOpus.info.