• L'abonne BUS Travailleur

    • Eligibility

      Employees of participating institutions (including subscribers to the Communauto DUO car + bus program)

      Members of immediate families of subscribers

    • Discounts and privileges
      • Save 10%!
      • Monthly General pass: save $107,40/year ($8,95/month)
      • Monthly Student pass: save $71,76/year ($5,98/month)
      • Monthly Senior pass: save $69,36/year ($5,78/month)
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      *Calculated using the July 1, 2018 rates.

    • Duration

      1 year minimum

    • Discount

      STM Privilege After 12 consecutive months of subscription, travel on the STM free.

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    • Method of payment

      Payroll deduction

    • How to subscribe