Mission and Values

In keeping with the RTC’s mission, STAC is dedicated to providing its clientele with high quality, reliable, punctual, and safe service in a pleasant and respectful atmosphere.

  • Users: Offer quality service that does not treat the user as a number, but as an individual that deserves to be heard and respected.
  • Respect: This value is essential and fundamental in dealing with colleagues, users, and partners. Respect means listening, being open, and paying attention when interacting with others.
  • Communication: Develop and help maintain open communication and dialogue between employees and managers at all levels and in all departments of our organization.
  • Team: A strong motivated team with common goals ensures the success if our organization. The key ingredients to create team spirit are dialogue and communication.
  • Service: Every single day, we work to provide courteous, quality service to our users and partners and between our departments and hierarchical levels.

Area served

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