Before taking the bus

Find out about fares

Find the best fare for you or consult the fare schedule to learn about the many options that are available.

Please note that you need an OPUS card to get reduced fares.

Plan your trip

Handy tips

Using the smart card

When boarding, simply hold your smart card in front of the reader at the bus entrance. If you have more than one smart card (e.g., Occasional card and Photo ID OPUS card), be sure to place only the card you wish to use next to the reader. A yellow light and two short beeps means you must present your card to the driver so he or she can check your photo (applies only to Photo ID OPUS cards in the Senior, Student +, 18 and under, and age 6 to 11 rider categories). A green light and one short beep means you can board. To read the message displayed (e.g., your card balance), hold your card in place next to the reader (Occasional OPUS cards and cards without photos).

A red light indicates a problem with your OPUS card (e.g., card is unreadable).

The driver is not equipped to resolve the problem on the bus. You must use another method to pay your fare.

To identify the problem with your OPUS card, go to an RTC service counter or information center.

On the bus

Some basic rules

  • Move to the back to make room for other passengers.
  • Give up your seat for those who need it more than you do.
  • Stay behind the yellow line so the driver has a clear field of vision and can drive safely.
  • When listening to music, use headphones and keep the volume low enough not to disturb other passengers.
  • Do not discard, spill, or leave behind any food or drink.
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited on buses and at sites managed by RTC (e.g., terminals, shelters).
  • Hold on to bags and backpacks while standing and place them on your lap when seated.
  • Help keep our buses clean. Keep your feet off the seats.
    See the RTC rules.

Animals on the bus

No person shall have an animal or allow an animal to be present on the bus, except:

  • If the person is accompanied by a guide dog or service dog, or if such animal is a guide dog or service dog in training; in all cases, upon presentation to the attendant of the guide dog or service dog card; or
  • if such animal is carried at all times in a closed cage or box, duly designed for such purpose

When exiting

Leave by the rear door to allow other passengers to board.

Exiting between two stops at night: for your safety

For passengers travelling alone who do not feel safe at night, RTC offers the option of exiting between two stops after 8 p.m. to drop them off closer to home. This service is available all year long throughout the RTC network, excluding Métrobus lines.


  • You must ask the driver directly, one stop in advance.
  • You may exit by the front door only.
  • For safety reasons, the driver will choose the specific location of the stop.

While you wait

Check the bus stop sign


  • Get in line.
  • Exit the bus shelter as the bus is approaching to make sure the driver sees you.

When the bus arrives

Check the route number and the destination on the overhead sign


    When boarding

    • Wait your turn in line for easier boarding.
    • Have your fare ready and pay as you board.
    • Ask for a transfer if you need one.