What is SAMI?

SAMI is the RTC’s integrated mobility support service. It provides information, training, and support for integrated mobility to citizens, organizations, and businesses.

What is integrated mobility?

Integrated mobility encourages a mix of different modes of transportation, keeping citizens’ multiple needs and realities in mind. Creating an integrated mobility network involves public transit (e.g., bus, streetcar) as well as active transportation (walking and cycling) and complementary modes of transport (car-sharing and taxis).

The right tools where they’re needed


Guided by customer service agents, visitors to SAMI will be able to learn about the different tools at their disposal, including:

Client support services

SAMI - Abribus

SAMI provides support and training in the following areas: 

  1. Demystifying public transit: understanding how public transit works and the benefits it offers.
  2. Planning a trip: How to plan a trip and find the best route by using our digital tools or calling a customer service agent. Creating customized routes.
  3. Buying tickets: Where and how to buy fares that best fit your needs, plus an introduction to our ticketing solutions (RTC Nomade payment, OPUS online, points of sale, service centres, subscription programs).
  4. Getting around: Presentation of RTC facilities and infrastructure, as well as good travelling habits. At SAMI, you can familiarize yourself with: 
    • Bus stops 
    • Passenger information displays
    • Boarding
    • The interior of a bus and its features
    • Passenger information
    • Mobility aids (kneeling bus, access ramp)
    • The driver’s role
    • Travelling with other riders (passenger guide)
    • Vélobus
  5. Information tools: Presentation of the tools we offer to keep you informed about our transit service (the RTC Nomade real-time and payment apps, website, social media, newsletter)

We also provide a support service that enables passengers to use these RTC facilities (e.g., customized routes, group followups).  

All SAMI services are provided free of charge. To take advantage of them, call us to book an appointment (418-627-2511) or visit us at SAMI.

Contact information

SAMI - Centre d'information

SAMI is located at 820 avenue Ernest-Gagnon, at the corner of chemin Sainte-Foy. 

Hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, excluding holidays 

Please note: the information centre (including the lost and found) currently located at 720 rue des Rocailles is moving to SAMI.