Bus kneeling

RTC low-floor buses can kneel to make it easier for persons with reduced mobility to board. The front of the bus “kneels” toward the curb to bring the first step lower.

If you need the steps to be lowered, simply ask the bus driver.

Seats for persons with reduced mobility

Priority seating is nothing new, but RTC is gradually introducing new signs to remind passengers of the importance of giving up seats to persons with reduced physical or motor skills, whether visible or not.

Seats for persons with reduced mobility are identified with a new sticker (see below). Don’t hesitate to ask for a seat if you need one.

Exiting between stops at night

RTC lets you exit between stops after 8 p.m. to get you closer to your destination. Ask the driver, who will find a place to let you off safely.

This service is offered year-round throughout the RTC network (except Métrobus routes) and is available to everyone except passengers requiring the access ramp.