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L’abonne BUS Perso is the most cost-effective solution for regular transit users. Get 25% off the regular price of your pass when you subscribe. It’s the cheapest way to go, every trip. Don’t wait. Sign up today!

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What is L'abonne BUS Perso?

A specially priced online subscription that allows you to automatically renew your Monthly or Metropolitan pass every month.

  • 25% off the regular price of your monthly pass*
  • Automatic renewal and payment: A valid pass will be activated on your Opus card on the first day of each month
  • 3-month minimum subscription
  • Get a free 1-month Communauto FLEX Unlimited Pass
  • You can transfer your General monthly pass to another family member!
  • Online access to your customer file

*25% discount does not apply on the Metropolitan fare

Who is L’abonne BUS Perso for?

L’abonne BUS Perso is for all public transit customers who don’t already have access to L’abonne BUS Travailleur through their employer.

  • Customers who use public transit several times a week
  • Customers who regularly purchase a Monthly or Metropolitan pass
  • Customers who commute a few  days a week
  • And more.

Important information

The Metropolitan pass is available with L’abonne BUS Perso, except for Transport Collectif de la Jacques-Cartier and PLUMobile (Côte-de-Beaupré and Île d’Orléans) services.

For subscriptions as of January 1, 2023, a$6 fee applies to get an OPUS card.

How can I subscribe?

How can I subscribe?

To take full advantage of L’abonne BUS Perso, sign up through the online platform. You will need to provide your contact information and certain banking details to complete your subscription. Note that you must use an OPUS card to take advantage of this offer. 

For more information, see the L'abonne BUS Perso terms and conditions.

Payment methods

  • Credit card
  • Direct debit (Voided cheque required)

Monthly purchase receipt

Your monthly receipt appears each month in your customer file.

My file

  • View subscription summaries
  • Update your personal information
  • Add, renew, cancel
  • Receive income tax receipts
  • Receive monthly receipts

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