To be sure you understand how L’abonne BUS Perso works, we recommend reading the rules and conditions as well as the privacy policy before subscribing.

To use the L’abonne BUS Perso pass the month after you sign up for it:

  • You must sign up for the pass before the 5th of the month
  • You must send us the required documents (if necessary) before the 10th of the month

Your pass will start a month later than planned if:

  • You sign up for the pass after the 5th of the month
  • We receive the required documents (if necessary) after the 10th of the month


  • Request sent on February 5 and documents received on February 10: pass begins in March
  • Request sent on February 5 and documents received on February 11: pass begins in April
  • Request sent on February 6 and documents received on February 10: pass begins in April

Duration of Subscription

The minimum term for a pass is three consecutive months. After these three mandatory months, you can terminate or suspend your pass at any time by modifying your customer file (suspension is possible only for general rates). Within the first three months, you waive the benefits of Article 2125 and the articles that follow in the Civil Code of Quebec and cannot unilaterally terminate the contract. Note: changes made before the 5th of the month will apply to the following month. Changes made after that date will apply to the month after.

RTC reserves the right to cancel your L’abonne BUS Perso subscription if there are problems with payment or if the program rules and conditions are violated.

Payment for Monthly Passes

  • As soon as you sign up for a pass, monthly withdrawals will be made automatically. For Senior, Student +, and 18 and under passes, failure to load your contract on your OPUS card does not cancel the monthly withdrawals.
  • Credit card payments and direct withdrawals occur between the 11th and 15th of the month preceding the start of the monthly pass.
  • The amount deducted each month corresponds to the cost of the monthly pass for your user category (general passholders can expect an additional fee the first month to pay for their new card).
  • The amount deducted each month takes into account any rate changes that may occur during the year. You will be notified of rate changes by email, sent to the address in your L’abonne BUS Perso customer file.
  • After 11 consecutive months of using the pass, your 12th month is free! No withdrawal will be made for this month.

Should a withdrawal fail:

  • We will send you an email notification asking you to contact us within two business days
  • If we do not hear back from you within two business days, RTC will cancel your pass and send you an email confirming the cancellation
  • If you rectify the situation but a second payment is rejected during your subscription, RTC will cancel your pass and send you an email confirming the cancellation

Receipts of Purchase

  • Monthly receipts are available online in your customer file as of the first of the month for which the payment was made. For example, the monthly receipt for a payment withdrawn between June 11 and 15 for a July pass will be available as of July 1.

Obtaining an OPUS Card with Photo

Senior, Student +, 18 and under passes

The RTC Information Center produces and issues OPUS cards with photo and loads contracts on them. Once you have signed up online, you will receive a confirmation email telling you the documents to provide and the steps to follow.

When you go to an RTC Information Center to load your contract on your card:

  • You must provide documents to prove your user category in order to benefit from the discount on monthly passes (for the Senior pass, you must be 65 when the card is loaded)
  • You must pay the $15 card production/issuance fee if you do not already have an OPUS card with photo for the selected category
  • You must bring your printed loading permit including the administration section and the barcode. Without this document, we cannot load your card


  • To take full advantage of your pass, have the Information Center load your contract on your card before the first day your L’abonne BUS Perso pass is valid (the date is in the confirmation email for the loading permit we sent you).

Failure to load your card does not cancel your L’abonne BUS Perso subscription. The withdrawal will still be made.

Obtaining an OPUS Card without Photo

General category

If you are a General category passholder, we will send you a new OPUS card without photo by mail. You should receive your card ten days before your subscription begins. We add $6 to the first month’s fee to cover the cost of producing/issuing the OPUS card. The new card you receive will be ready for use and will be labelled “L’abonne BUS Perso.” Cards cannot be loaded remotely, so you must receive a new OPUS card to join the program.

STM Privilege

STM Privilege comes free with L’abonne BUS. Through a partnership with Société de transport de Montréal (STM), it lets you ride the bus and metro for free at stops and stations on the Island of Montreal (i.e., the Longueuil metro station is not included).

  • Subscribed for at least 12 consecutive months in the same program
  • Privilege automatically cancelled if you unsubscribe or suspend your subscription (you must use the pass for another 12 consecutive months to benefit from this privilege).

See how to get STM Privilege.

Corrections or Changes to Your Customer File

You are responsible for keeping your customer file up to date.

Changes must be made before the 5th of the month to apply to the following month. Changes made after that date will apply to the month after. For example, corrections must be made no later than August 5 to be taken into account in September. If the correction is made after August 5, it will apply in October.

Types of corrections/changes you can make to your customer file:

  • Add a subscription
  • Cancel a subscription (after three consecutive months)
  • Suspend a subscription after three consecutive months (general passes only)
  • Change a user category (e.g., from General to Student +)
  • Change your contact info (address, email, password, etc.)
  • Change a credit card

You can also email or call RTC ( ou 418 627-2351, poste 4961), to:

  • Change your payment method (from direct withdrawal to credit card and vice versa)
  • Change your bank account

Subscription Suspension (General Pass Only)

You can suspend your L’abonne BUS Perso pass for a period of up to six months. During this time, the OPUS cardholder must under no circumstances use their OPUS card, which is used exclusively for the L’abonne BUS Perso pass. The pass will be automatically reactivated at the end of the suspension.

If your OPUS card is used during the suspension period, it will deactivate the contract in effect on the card and the suspension will be treated as a cancellation. A new OPUS card will then be mailed to you and a $6 fee will be charged to your account at the same time as the usual charge for your monthly transit pass. You must allow time for the new card to be sent to you.


During the suspension period, you will not be charged for your pass. You do not need to do anything in your customer file to reactivate it. Withdrawals will be automatically reactivated between the 11th and 15th of the month preceding the effective date of the reactivation of your L’abonne BUS Perso pass. The total amount deducted each month is shown on the summary in your customer file.

Changing the Suspension

If you would like to reactivate your pass before the end of the selected suspension period, or cancel your subscription, you can make the change in the summary in your customer file. All changes must be made before the 5th of the month to be valid for the following month. Changes made after that date will apply to the month after.

Personal Information Privacy Policy

The information requested on this form is required for us to process your request for a public transit pass.

You must provide all the information requested. Any omission or false statement could result in the refusal of your request or the suspension of your pass.

RTC treats all personal information it collects confidentially, in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws. Only authorized members of our staff can access the information, and only when their duties require it. This information will be used to process your request for a public transit pass and to purchase, pay for, and issue your monthly pass. It may only be disclosed to other individuals if permitted by law or with your consent. RTC ensures that adequate security measures are in place to protect the confidentiality of personal information during these communications.

Under the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information, you have the right to access the information RTC holds about you and, if necessary, to request it be corrected. To exercise these rights, you must send a written request to the RTC information access officer.

Consent to Sharing of Personal Information

You must agree to the following conditions to access the subscription form:

  1. I authorize RTC to share with the financial institution designated by RTC, for the purpose of withdrawing payment for my monthly subscription, my credit card number or my bank account number as well as any other information required for this purpose.
  2. I understand that this information is necessary to process my public transit pass and will only be shared for this purpose with RTC staff members who process subscriptions.
  3. This authorization is valid as long as I am a public transit passholder.

You can always access the information provided and request it be corrected by sending your request to Réseau de transport de La Capitale (RTC) to the attention of:

Abonnement RTC - DSA
720, rue des Rocailles
Quebec City (Québec)  G2J 1A5

RTC will respond to your request within ten business days of the postmark.