L'abonne BUS offers you more! 

STM Privilege comes free with L'abonne BUS. Through a partnership with Société de transport de Montréal (STM), it lets you ride the bus and metro for free at stops and stations on the island of Montréal (i.e., the Longueuil metro station is not included).

Conditions and eligibility

  • Subscribers to all categories of L'abonne BUS Travailleur and L'abonne BUS Perso
  • Subscribed to the same program (L'abonne BUS Travailleur or L'abonne BUS Perso) for at least the last 12 months
  • Privilege automatically revoked if subscription is cancelled or suspended

What to do

L'abonne BUS

L'abonne BUS Perso

To take advantage of STM Privilege, subscribers must:

  1. Fill out the STM Privilege form (French Only)
  2. Send the completed form by email to abonnebus.privilege-stm@rtcquebec.ca or by mail to the attention of:
    L’abonne BUS Travailleur – STM Privilege, RTC head office
    720, rue des Rocailles
    Québec City, Québec G2J 1A5
  3. Wait for email confirmation, which should be sent within 10 business days after the request is received.
  4. Print the confirmation email and visit an RTC information center to activate your STM Privilege.

For STM Privilege:

  1. Go to your customer file and enter your username and password (French only).
  2. Go to the subscription section (“Abonnement”) in the middle of the page and click “Modifier ou consulter l’abonnement” (change or view subscription).
  3. Go to the “Privilège STM” page and click “Demander le Privilège STM” to apply.
  4. Confirm your email and click “Confirmer l'ajout du Privilège STM” to add STM Privilege. Your card-loading permit will be emailed to you.
  5. Go to an RTC Information Center within 2 weeks of the permit issue date. You will need a printout of your confirmation email to activate STM Privilege on your OPUS card.

Important: For expired or lost permits, follow the procedure for reissue of an STM Privilege card-loading permit (French only).

Questions about or problems with STM Privilege?
418-627-2351, extension 4961

Thank you for subscribing to L'abonne BUS!

If you have any questions, contact Customer Service at 418-627-2511.