Our Commitment to Quality – Putting Customers First

We are committed to constantly improving how we do things to better meet your public transit needs. That’s what we call our quality commitment.

To do this, we painstakingly assess our services using precise performance indicators, which we established based on your needs and expectations. We strive to quickly find solutions to problems you identify.

We conduct surveys with many users every year. In addition, we arbitrarily select mystery riders who travel the entire network. And since 2014, RTC employees have been riding the buses to understand the user experience. All these assessment methods have helped us gain a better understanding of your realities so we can improve the quality of public transit in Quebec City.

Quality Surveys

Three times a year, we put out an online survey to assess our performance criteria. The latest data comes from an internal survey of 494 regular customers conducted from July 25 to August 14, 2018.

Criteria July
Bus reliability 95% 96% 96% 96% 96% 93% 96% 95%
Customer service 93% 94% 93% 92% 93% 90% 94% 93%
Bus cleanliness 84% 86% 78% 84% 85% 73% 79% 78%
Clarity of information 83% 89% 89% 88% 88% 87% 91% 88%
Network cleanliness 84% 86% 76% 84% 84% 76% 84% 77%
Safe driving 83% 85% 89% 81% 87% 85% 85% 86%
Handling of feedback 81% 77% 72% 73% 78% 75% 80% 78%
Timeliness of information 77% 81% 81% 77% 80% 80% 82% 81%
Confort during trips 73% 74% 75% 77% 68% 64% 75% 69%
Temperature on board 83% 71% 78% 83% 66% 83%
Punctuality of buses 80% 85% 83% 79% 80% 76% 86% 80%
Overall satisfaction 83% 85% 83% 82% 83% 80% 83% 83%

For you, with you!

We’re committed to providing you the best service possible. But to do that, we need your help. That’s why we’ve listed our quality commitments in the table below. We are also working on implementing new quality criteria.

Our commitments Our expectations
Bus Shelter Cleanliness
  • To keep the windows clean so people can see out.
  • To keep the ground clean and safe.
  • To provide benches to sit on.
  • If the city has provided a garbage can, to ensure it’s clean and not overflowing.
  • In winter: to keep the surrounding area clear and free of ice.

Note: It can take us longer to resolve issues during storms and other extreme weather.

  • Don’t touch the windows, stick anything to them, or draw on them.
  • Don’t leave garbage in the bus shelter; wait until you find a garbage can.
  • Notify the RTC customer service team if the bus shelter isn’t safe or if the level of cleanliness is unacceptable.
Bus Cleanliness
  • To keep the windows clean so riders can see out.
  • To keep the floor clean and safe.
  • To provide clean seats to sit on.

Note: Buses may get dirty more quickly in the winter due to frequent temperature variations. We still work to clean the inside of 75% of our 600 buses every day.

  • Shake off your boots before getting on.
  • Don’t put your feet on the seats.
  • Don’t leave garbage on the bus; wait until you find a garbage can.
  • Don’t touch the windows, stick anything to them, or draw on them.
  • Notify the RTC customer service team if you think something needs to be cleaned.
  • To ensure the bus doesn’t pass its stop before the scheduled time.
  • To constantly strive to further reduce delays.
  • To take action and notify users quickly when service disruptions or delays occur.
  • Get to the bus stop early and get in line.
  • Have your pass or fare in hand.
  • Wait for passengers to get off the bus before boarding.

To speed up service on busy routes:

  • Move to the back of the bus.
  • Exit through the rear door.
  • To greet riders kindly and respectfully.
  • To look at the fare or pass you present upon boarding.
  • To answer your questions politely.
  • Clearly show the driver your fare or pass.
  • Give your seat to anyone who needs it more than you do.
  • Give the driver advance notice when you want to get off.
Road Safety
  • To drive safely.
  • To adjust the bus’s speed to the road conditions and traffic.
  • To comply with the Highway Safety Code.
  • To be proactive.
  • Let the bus leave before you cross the street.
  • When the bus is pulling up, step back from the road.
  • Hold on to something when the bus is in motion.
Replies to Comments
  • To speak to riders with courtesy and respect.
  • To use clear, understandable language.
  • To maintain confidentiality.
  • To follow up on queries within 20 business days when requested.
  • Contact us as soon as possible following an incident.
  • Give us the information we need, including the incident date, time, and location; the bus route and direction; and the bus number.

We want to hear from you

To send us your comments, complaints, and suggestions, please fill out the comments form on the website or contact our customer service team at 418-627-2511.