Bike sharing
electrically assisted

àVélo experience

Get in on the àVélo experience with more bikes and locations.
This year there are 40 stations and 400 electric power–assisted bikes (pedelecs) for short trips.
Plus new and more flexible ticket-price options! The 2022 season runs from May 11 to October 31.

Why go with àVélo?

Download the àVélo mobile app

The àVélo mobile app lets you get your bike in few clicks.


  • Annual pass Unlimited 30-minute trips

    • Unlimited
      30-minute trips
      $ 110
      — The annual pass is valid for 12 consecutive months. It can be used when the àVélo service is active during this period. (Please note that the àVélo season lasts 6 months. An annual pass purchased on July 15 will be valid until July 15 of the following year.)
    • 30 or more
      $ 0.25 / minute
    Purchase Mobile app and website
    Payment method Visa or Mastercard credit card only

Station locations

Carte des stations àVélo 2022 à venir

Season start, May 11

2022 season: 40 stations and 400 bikes available

32 stations up and running on May 11 with the rest to come during the season.

View the location of the stations

Getting a bike

About your bike

caractéristiques du vélo

About electric pedal assist

àVélo electric power–assisted bicycles, or pedelecs, have an electric pedal assist mode that pitches in to supplement the pedal power you provide.

The motor tops up your output so you don’t have to spend as much energy. That assistance depends on how fast you pedal. If you coast, your pedelec coasts too.

Your speed and battery level are displayed on the screen (the level has to be at least 20% for the bike to be released for rental).


If you wan to stop during your ride, you can use the lock provided on the bike. There’s a label in the front basket explaining how your àVélo lock works.

  • Pull out the cable at the top of the basket and lock the end into the socket below the handlebars.
  • Remove the black key on the left and take it with you.
  • To unlock, gently turn the key in the lock until it releases.

Note:The clock keeps running while you’re stopped and you’ll pay the same rate as you do when you’re riding.


Wear a helmet

Helmets are required by law when riding a pedelec.

Age requirements

àVélo is for riders age 18 and over with the following exceptions:

  • Riders age 14 to 17 with a moped licence
  • Riders age 16 or 17 with a driver’s licence

Final checks

Before you start, check the seat, brakes, bell, lights, and tires to make sure everything works and is properly adjusted.

Highway Safety Code

Obey the Highway Safety Code and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and obstacles. Always indicate your intentions to other road users. Use hand signals when you’re going to turn.

Where to ride

It’s best to stick to bike paths or the right side of the road. Don’t ride on the sidewalk.

Pay attention

Don’t ride with earphones. Don’t text or use your phone while riding.

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are about how àVélo works.

For more details about àVélo itself, seeTerms of Use


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