RTC is improving the customer experience by working on numerous projects that are part of its 2018–2027 Strategic Plan. Our goal is to make travel easier, more flexible, and more comfortable. These changes will also increase and diversify travel options, to offer more integrated mobility and better address customer needs.

Bus hybride 60 pieds

Bus hybride 60 pieds

Le RTC déploie un nouvel autobus hybride 60 pieds qui comprend de nombreuses améliorations techniques et participera à l'amélioration du confort des voyageurs. Le plan de déploiement des autobus hybrides 60 pieds se fera comme suit:

  • 2022: 1 Autobus​
  • 2023: 10 Autobus​
  • 2024: 49 Autobus​

En savoir plus sur ce nouveau véhicule

  • Full opening:
    Progress state:

Métrobus 807

Image du Métrobus 807

Le parcours du Métrobus 807 et les infrastructures le long du tracé seront révisés, afin d’améliorer la fiabilité du service et d'offrir un meilleur respect de la fréquence et des horaires. De plus, l'expérience client sera bonifiée grâce à la mise en place d'abribus nouvelle génération et d'une accessibilité améliorée. 

Découvrez l'ensemble des améliorations en visitant la page projet.

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Flexibus – transportation on demand

flexibus - projet

In 2022, RTC added a new on-demand transportation service—Flexibus. The service complements RTC’s existing public transit system. On-demand transportation will be deployed to seven selected zones to meet local travel needs.

For more information, visit our Flexibus – transportation on demand page

  • Expected delivery: 2022
    Progress state: Delivered

E-bike sharing


RTC added a new electric-power-assisted bicycle sharing service to its family of public transit services in July 2021. Known as àVélo, the service gives customers another travel option. It represents one more step towards integrated mobility. The system will eventually feature 1,000 electric-power-assisted bicycles available at 100 stations.   

RTC worked with Ville de Québec to develop this initiative. 

For more information, visit our project page.

  • Expected delivery: juillet 2021
    Progress state: Delivered

Integrated mobility support service (SAMI)

Service d'accompagnement en mobilité intégrée

SAMI, the RTC’s integrated mobility support service, provides information, training, and support for integrated mobility. It’s a great way for organizations, businesses, and the general public to learn more about public transit and how it can benefit them.

Partners can use facilities for customized training.

For more information

  • Expected delivery: 2021
    Progress state: Delivered

RTC Nomade paiement

Paiement mobile

In June 2020, we launched our new "RTC Nomade payment" mobile application, allowing customers to buy tickets anywhere, anytime. User-friendly and flexible, the application allows you to buy titles directly on your smartphone, without having to travel, and to validate them also from the phone. All the tickets in our price list, with the exception of the Metropolitan ticket, are available on the app. Discounted tickets were added in summer 2021.

To learn more, see our webpage on RTC Nomade payment.

  • Expected delivery: 2020
    Progress state: Livré

Electrifying transit


RTC has been electrifying transit since 2018. It aims to electrify all garages and serve all routes with 100% electric buses. Electrification is being implemented as part of the Québec government’s 2030 Plan for a Green Economy. In 2023 the RTC will launch an electric bus pilot project.

The goal is to use one of its newly electrified maintenance facilities to phase in the first 100% electric buses starting in 2026.

For more information, see our transportation electrification web page.

  • Expected delivery: 2026
    Progress state: Ongoing

Standard hybrid buses

Nouveau bus 2020

In 2020 RTC received 60 standard hybrid buses from Nova Bus. In 2021 RTC received another 90 hybrid buses, bringing the hybrid bus fleet to 150. All these buses are now on the road. New features in these vehicles include rigid seats and two wheelchair spaces. 

  • Expected delivery: 2020-2021
    Progress state: Delivered

Integration of midibus hybrids


At the end of 2019, RTC received 64 air-conditioned hybrid midibuses to diversify its bus fleet. All these buses are now in service. They offer greater comfort to customers and achieve better energy efficiency.

  • Expected delivery: 2019
    Progress state: Delivered

Installation of new screens and real-time Nomade information terminals

Borne écrans
  • RTC is continuing to install new real-time Nomade screens and information terminals in public spaces throughout the network. These tools keep customers informed in real time of bus departure times and network disruptions. Here’s a quick look at the network: 30 static screens in bus shelters 
  • 81 information terminals at busy stops 
  • 15 touchscreens in public locations 

Static and touchscreens are being installed as part of the partnership signed in 2015 with Astral Out of Home, a division of Bell Media.

  • Expected delivery: 2020
    Progress state: Delivered

Next-generation card readers

Valideur nouvelle génération

In 2020, RTC acquired next-generation card readers offering better performance. New readers have been installed on new buses received in 2020 and 2021 as well as in midibuses (front and rear).

  • Expected delivery: 2020
    Progress state: Delivered

Installation of redesigned bus shelters


In 2015 RTC began modernizing its bus shelters to bring the design up to date and make them brighter, more comfortable, and more accessible and also accommodate real-time Nomade information terminals. 

186 next-generation bus shelters have already been installed. More will be installed throughout the network over the next few years, starting with about 60 on the Metrobus routes by the end of 2023 as well as a dozen on the regular network.

  • Expected delivery: 2023
    Progress state: Ongoing