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Bannière AbonneBus

What is L’abonne BUS Perso?

Are you a frequent public transit user? Do you always renew your Monthly pass on time, or do you sometimes forget? L’abonne BUS Perso is a solution tailor-made for you!

What is L’abonne BUS Perso?

A specially priced online subscription that allows you to automatically renew your Monthly or Metropolitan pass every month. With L’abonne BUS Perso, you get unlimited trips with zero hassle.

It pays to subscribe!

  • 25% off your Monthly pass
  • Monthly: save$23.60 per month and $283.50 annually
  • Unlimited travel for $70.88 per month, or less than $20 per week.*
  • Automatic renewal every month—one less thing for busy people to think about !

Other advantages:

  • You can transfer the General monthly pass to another family member!
  • Enjoy a month of unlimited travel with Communauto

Sign up for L’abonne BUS Perso today.

*Amounts calculated over 4 weeks for a Monthly pass
*25% discount does not apply on the Metropolitan pass

Déplacements à 3,05$ chacun.

Do you work in person 1 or 2 days a week? Does your routine vary from week to week? Do you use different types of transportation to get around? Opt for flexibility with the 20-ticket bundle!

What is the 20-ticket bundle?

With the 20-ticket bundle, you buy your tickets in bulk at a discounted rate. It’s cost effective, convenient, and flexible, for travel that meets your needs.

  • $61 for 20 tickets
  • Just $3* per trip (works out to $3.05 per ticket)
  • Tickets valid any time

Do the math: if you commute 2 days a week by bus, you’ll use 4 tickets a week, so about 16 tickets a month. No matter what your schedule, your tickets are a great value you can use whenever and as often as you want.

*Note that the $3 cost is used simply to illustrate the savings you’ll enjoy with the 20-ticket bundle.

New Metropolitan fare price as of February 1st, 2024 

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