STAC offers a new way to buy transit passes! Virtual monthly passes are now available.

What is it?

  • Virtual monthly passes let you use STAC services without having to present a pass to the driver.
  • These passes are virtual and prepaid.
  • Saves you the hassle of having to visit a point of sale every month to purchase a monthly pass.
  • When you prepay for your monthly passes, you can sign up for as many months as you wish.
  • Valid for all STAC customers: Senior, 18 and under, Student +, General.
  • Valid only for STAC and non-transferable.

How to register

  1. Prepare a cheque dated for the first day of the month for which you want to register and indicate the amount of the monthly pass based on the fares in effect.
  2. Make the cheque payable to STAC.
  3. On the back of the cheque, write your name, user number, complete address, and the month for which you want to register.
  4. Send your cheque by mail to:
    STAC/monthly pass
    2750, boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel
    Québec City, Québec G1P 2J1


  • This purchasing option is only available for monthly passes and ÉtéBUS (new pass).
  • For the monthly pass, the STAC must receive your payment by check no later than the 24th day preceding the month of use of your ticket.
  • Cheques must be received by STAC at least 5 business days before the start of the desired month of registration.
  • One cheque per user. STAC will not accept cheques covering payments for multiple users.
  • A receipt will be sent with each registration for tax purposes. Be sure to keep these receipts.

Specific information for Students

18 and under category

  • You do not need to provide proof of enrollment.
  • You can get a virtual monthly/ÉtéBUS pass for next July and August. Send STAC a cheque for $70.25 and indicate “ÉtéBUS” on the cheque (see the procedure description above).

Student + category (19 and over)

  • You must provide proof of school enrollment at the start of every academic year (no later than September 30 of every year).
  • If you have any questions about this new purchase option, contact the STAC call center at 418-687-2641, option 0.