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L'abonne BUS Perso

What is L'abonne BUS Perso?

  • A plan for everyone; online signup for RTC monthly passes.
  • Minimum 3-month term
  • Automated monthly payments
  • Cancellation any time after 3 months
  • 11 consecutive months gets your 12th pass free
  • 12 consecutive months and you ride free on STM when you join STM Privilege.

Payment methods

  • Credit card
  • Direct debit (Voided cheque required)

My file

  • View subscription summaries
  • Update your personal information
  • Add, renew, cancel
  • Receive income tax receipts
  • Receive monthly receipts

Open my file.


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Federal income tax credit

The federal government offers a tax credit on monthly public transit passes. When you’re part of Personal L’abonne BUS, your tax receipt appears in your online file during the tax season. Just click and save!

For more on the public transit tax credit, see the Government of Canada website.

Monthly receipts

Your monthly receipt appears each month in your customer file.

Contact us

  • 418-627-2511

Complete rule, terms, and conditions for L'abonne BUS Perso (French only).

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