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OPUS Student+

What is Student+ status?

Student+ status provides reduced rates on some RTC passes (monthly Student+ and 5-day passes). If you meet the requirements, you’ll receive an OPUS photo ID card loaded with your Student+ status. 

  • OPUS photo ID cards are valid for four years, but your Student+ status must be renewed by September 30 each year.
  • You must present your OPUS photo ID card to the driver every time you board the bus.
  • An OPUS photo ID card loaded with a reduced rate pass cannot be used by anyone other than the card owner.
A Student+ OPUS photo ID card is not required if you pay with a ticket because there are no reduced fares for tickets.


Who is eligible for Student+ status?

Student+ status is granted to individuals who meet the following criteria: 

How to obtain and renew Student+ status

The steps for obtaining a Student+ OPUS card depends on where your educational institution is located:

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