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A bus for everyone

Find the right service for you!


High frequency buses on reserved lanes

Métrobus is the perfect choice for accessing the main centers of urban activity every day of the week. It offers high frequency service mainly on reserved lanes.

Routes 800, 801, 802, 803, 804 and 807

Pictogramme VéloBUSVéloBUS makes it easier to get around 

Pictogramme accessibilitéMétrobus are wheelchair accessible. For more information, see the Accessibility section.


Service close to home

Take leBus! There’s almost certainly a route near you. The network covers the entire territory, linking residential areas and centers of urban activity along main thoroughfares and local streets.

Routes 1 to 199

Pictogramme accessibilitéRoute 11 is wheelchair accessible. For more information, see the Accessibility section.


A quick commute to work or school

There is no better way to get to work or school than eXpress! Running along highways, the eXpress buses provide a quick link between residential areas and the heart of Québec City or Sainte-Foy during weekday rush hours.

Routes 200 to 599


For night owls

Couche-tard service operates late on Friday and Saturday evenings to get you home safe.

Routes 907 to 992


RTC’s Service de transport adapté de la Capitale (STAC) serves persons with disabilities who are unable to use regular public transportation services.


RTC offers free parking areas where you can park your vehicle and ride the bus. See the list of Parc-O-Bus parking areas..


Taxi service is available in certain areas not covered by the RTC network. It is available on call according to a set schedule to take passengers to specific bus routes. A special fare may be required.

Consult the Taxibus schedule.


Using bikes and buses makes it easy to get around.
Service available April 22 to October 31 on articulated buses and at all Métrobus 800, 801, 802, 804 and 807 stops.

Find out more about Vélobus.

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