Payment by Phone

Téléphone mobile

The mobile payment pilot project will offer a high quality, modern service to meet the growing needs of customers desiring payment options that use new technologies.

Customers will be able to use their phone to pay for bus tickets with the RTC real-time Nomade application and validate them directly from their mobile device.

  • Expected delivery: 2020
    Progress state: in progress

Valideurs nouvelle génération

Valideur nouvelle génération

En 2020, le RTC a fait l’acquisition de valideurs de nouvelle génération, plus lisibles que les anciens. Pour l'instant, le nouveau valideur a été installé à l’essai dans un seul midibus. Il sera installé, au cours des prochaines semaines, à l’avant et à l’arrière des autres midibus et à l’avant des nouveaux autobus standards. 

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  • Full opening:
    Progress state:

Bus standards hybrides 2020

Nouveau bus 2020

En 2020, le RTC recevra 60 nouveaux bus hybrides standards de Nova Bus. Les premiers sont sur la route depuis le 27 mai 2020. Ces nouveaux véhicules comportent plusieurs nouveautés telles que des sièges rigides et deux emplacements pour les personnes en fauteuil roulant. 

En savoir plus sur ce nouveau véhicule

  • Full opening:
    Progress state:

Integration of Midibus Hybrids


By the end of 2019, RTC will receive 64 hybrid, air-conditioned midibuses as part of its fleet renewal. These buses will provide customers with a more comfortable ride and be more energy efficient. The midibuses will serve central Quebec City.

Learn more about the midibus

  • Expected delivery: 2019
    Progress state: in progress

Installation of New Screens and Real-time Nomade Information Terminals

Borne écrans

RTC is continuing to install new real-time Nomade screens and information terminals in public spaces throughout the network. These tools keep customers informed in real time of bus departure times and network disruptions.

  • 25 new static screens in bus shelters by December 2018
  • 20 new information terminals at busy stops by December 2018
  • 10 new touch screens in public spaces by December 2018

Static and touch screens are being installed as part of the partnership signed in 2015 with Astral Out-of-Home, a division of Bell Media.

See the real-time Nomade tools

  • Expected delivery: winter 2019
    Progress state: in progress

Installation of the New Line of Bus Shelters


In 2015, RTC began modernizing its bus shelters to bring the design up-to-date and make them brighter, more comfortable, and more accessible, and also accommodate real-time Nomade information terminals.

To date, 162 next-generation bus shelters have been installed. In the coming years, more shelters will be gradually installed throughout the network starting with Métrobus routes, including some 30 planned by the end of 2019.

  • Expected delivery: TBD
    Progress state: in progress

Introduction of Métrobus 804 and 807 – Phase Two

Logo Metrobus

The first phase to implement Métrobus 804 and 807 was completed in 2016 with the introduction of articulated buses. The next phase will include infrastructure improvements (relocation of stops, addition of bus shelters, etc.) and preferential measures to improve the speed and reliability of routes.

  • Expected delivery: winter 2020
    Progress state: in progress

Double-Decker Buses

Bus à étage

RTC plans to introduce double-decker buses on certain eXpress routes by 2022. These buses will provide a more comfortable trip for customers by offering more seating.

Depending on configuration, a double-decker bus can have around 80 seats.

  • Expected delivery: 2022
    Progress state: analysis in progress

A Single Touchpoint

Guichet unique

To facilitate the implementation of integrated mobility, RTC would like to create a single touchpoint—a simple and efficient tool for customers that displays all modes of public, private, and shared transportation in the region.

The objective of this single touchpoint is to make it as easy as possible to choose services based on individual preferences. Customers will be able to select the type of transportation that suits their needs, plan a trip, pay for it, and validate their ticket or pass.

  • Expected delivery: 2022-2026
    Progress state: analysis in progress