Our procurement process is subject to the Act Respecting Public Transit Authorities and RTC contract management rules (PDF, 392 Ko) (French only).

The process aims to ensure that RTC complies with the following public contract management principles in order to promote competition in the contract award process:

  • Transparency
  • Fair and equitable treatment of tenderers
  • Market accessibility
  • Quality assurance of goods and services
  • Publication of information

RTC would like to have business relationships with partners and subcontractors who share the values and principles set out in the RTC Code of Ethics.

Calls for tenders and contracts

Become an RTC Supplier

  • Fill out the Supplier Information form (PDF, 144 KB)
  • Email it to approfournisseur@rtcquebec.ca
  • You will automatically be added to our database of potential suppliers and may be invited to bid on contracts (being in the database does not guarantee you will be awarded contracts)
  • A Procurement Department representative may contact you for more information;

Handling of Complaints Regarding the Public Contract Tendering or Award Process

Groups and individuals wishing to participate in an open tendering process or their representatives may file a complaint regarding the process if they believe that public tender documents:

  • Include conditions that do not ensure fair and equitable treatment of competitors,
  • Prevent competitors from participating, even if they have all the necessary qualifications, or;
  • Otherwise fail to comply with RTC’s regulatory framework

Any person may express interest in entering into a public contract that is the subject of a notice of intent from RTC if they believe they are able to execute the contract in accordance with the needs and obligations set out in the notice of intent.

The conditions and procedure for opening and filing a complaint - Handling of Complaints Regarding the Public Contract Tendering or Award Process (PDF, 1,02 Mo)